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Our SignWorld® Schilder ...

are printed using the latest printing technology.

The colors we use are specially matched to the retroreflective films of type RA1 Structure A that we use. This production process guarantees high-quality traffic sign quality. You can expect a product that maintains color stability and high color brilliance even after 15 years.

are protected against dirt from weather influences by an improved embossing technique.

We strictly avoid damaging the film (no punching through). Another advantage of this embossing is that the edges of the self-adhesive signs adhere firmly to the surface of the sign and cannot be removed after the adhesive has cured.

are complemented by the mounting brackets and parts we produce.

which are made of high-quality aluminum or V2A stainless steel and are therefore completely rust-free. The V-shaped cutout of the bracket adapts to any diameter of the mounting posts and masts with uniform pressure. This shaping ensures maximum rotation security. For the band clamps, countersunk screws with TORX are used for installation with cordlessscrewdrivers. Slipping during installation and damage to the signs as may occur when using slotted screws are no longer possible.

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can be supplied with variable mounting holes.

Advantages of SignWorld® Aluminum Information Signs compared
to conventional signs with plastic clip systems

  • Reduced inventory

    Aluminum base plate is not required because our signs already replace these base plates. Blank fields are only required in one version each.

  • Less assembly effort

    due to simple pre-assembly and minimal number of components. Our aluminum signs are complete and do not consist, as with plastic signs, of frames, base plates, and blank fields in single or multiple versions.

  • Easier re-labeling

    no disassembly necessary, easy replacement by overlay (also possible multiple times).

  • Reduced vandalism

    no breaking or burning, bending is difficult because the material thickness of SW signs is thicker than that of all common aluminum backing plates of plastic clip systems. Scratching of our signs is only possible on the surface, texts remain readable.

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